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Dubai Luxury Car Rental

Dubai is a city known worldwide for its lavish, luxurious lifestyle. Many residents and high-net-worth individuals drive premium models from the likes of Bentley, Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, Range Rover, and others. So when looking to rent a car in Dubai, a luxury vehicle is a popular choice. Dubai luxury car rental provides high-end comfort and refinements, style, and sophistication, perfect for business users or leisure travelers to the city. With so many choices available, including sedans, SUVs, sports cars, and more, there is a luxury car to suit every type of visitor to Dubai.

Where to rent a car in Dubai

Many providers are offering Dubai luxury car rental. It is possible to hire a car by visiting a rental dealership, but the most convenient way is to order online. Websites like us are the fastest and most secure way to hire either a luxury car, an SUV, a sedan, sports car, or otherwise. Better still, when booking online, it is possible to search through all available models at a glance and book within seconds.

Seeing the price, car specs, high-quality photography, and any add-ons give customers all the information they need at their fingertips to make an informed decision. They can then complete the booking and reserve their chosen car or van model. In most cases, the car can be delivered to the intended destination. Alternatively, customers can collect the car in person at the rental firm.

Cheap car rentals in Dubai

For travelers seeking affordable car rental, there are many budget-friendly options available from a wide range of manufacturers. Even people who want a luxury car can find a competitively priced vehicle. Although some people opt for high-end luxury car rental from the likes of Aston Martin, Jaguar, and Porsche, many mid-range options still provide ample luxury, either for business or leisure purposes. Examples include BMW, Audi, Chevrolet, Lexus, and others.

The best way to gain cheap car rental is to have a budget in mind before travel. Of course, luxury cars inevitably cost more than economy motors. Having said that, great deals can still be found in the ‘luxury’ category. The sensible approach is to shop around using the various online services and look at different car manufacturers. For people searching for ultra-cheap car rental, economy brands are often more than adequate, especially for shorter trips. So don’t discount these either.

When to book a rental car in Dubai

There are many reasons why it makes sense to hire a car in Dubai. One reason is to guarantee a reliable and safe mode of transport when traveling around the city. Another reason is when traveling to and from the airport. But some who are staying in Dubai for a lengthier amount of time often prefer to rent a car rather than buy one. Hiring rather than purchasing in this instance provides greater flexibility. Those visiting for business may also want to rent a luxury car to impress their clients. And others may want a luxury sports car or supercar to hire for the thrill and excitement.

Top tips for renting a car in Dubai

When renting a car in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE, it is important to think about what the purpose of the rental is. This will help to determine what type of vehicle is best. Is the hire for airport transfers, business use, or leisure? How many passengers will need to be catered for? These and similar questions are important to consider. It is also beneficial to have a budget in mind before purchase. Prior to travel, be sure to research UAE traffic regulations. Fines can be expensive in Dubai, so it is best to have a clear understanding of the law. A full and clean driving license, including an in-date visa, will also be necessary.

Car rental insurance in Dubai

It is a legal requirement to take out car insurance in Dubai. Standard car insurance falls into two categories in the UAE: third-party and comprehensive insurance. Third-party is the minimum legal requirement and covers damage to other cars only. Comprehensive insurance covers both the renter’s car and the third party vehicle. Comprehensive insurance also tends to cover other potential issues, such as theft and damage from fire. Full cover is understandably more expensive. Car renters should ideally select fully comprehensive cover wherever possible.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

CA Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is well worth investing in when renting a car in Dubai. This type of comprehensive ‘waiver’ ensures the renter does not have to pay financially for any damages that may occur to their or another person’s rental vehicle. A CDW is entirely optional but a popular choice when hiring a car in the UAE.

Theft protection waiver

Theft protection is optional for car insurance in Dubai and provides cover in the event a car is stolen. It also provides cover for the cost of any repairs that may be required.

How to rent a car in Dubai

Dubai luxury car rental is straightforward. The best method is to search online and follow the simple booking process before arrival in the city. There are hundreds of vehicles available for rental. Just search for a brand or type of car, then browse through the listings to find a suitable price. Then complete the booking process. The rental firm will then send a confirmation e-mail and provide further details.

How old to rent a car in Dubai?

Renters typically must be 21 years or older to rent a car in Dubai. For some luxury and exotic cars, the age may be 23 or even 25, depending on the terms and conditions of the hire company. Only UAE nationals can drive a car at age 18.

Dubai car rental information

How much to rent a car in Dubai for a month?

The cost to rent a car in Dubai for a month varies according to the brand and model of the vehicle. For economy motors, the cost to rental a car for a month can be as little as $400. For premium models, the price may be over $10,000 per month.

How much would it be to rent a car in Dubai for 4 days?

To rental a car in Dubai for 4 days, the price will depend on whether an economy, mid-range, or luxury car is selected. The cost to hire an economy car or van is typically $80 and above. Luxury cars may cost $500 to $1,000 and above.

What is the policy for Dubai rent a car?

The UAE, including Dubai, requires visitors to be aged 21 and above and have a recognised, clean driving license. A passport and visa is also a necessity. Other terms include a security deposit and the requirement for car insurance.

How hard is it to rent a car in Dubai?

It is relatively simple to hire a car in Dubai. Provided the age requirement of 21 and above is met and the driver has a valid license, there are few other restrictions. Renters must also have a valid UAE visa and recognised passport.

How can I rent a car with an American drivers license in Dubai?

It is certainly possible to rent a car with a U.S. driving license. An international driving license is also accepted widely across the UAE, as are many other country passports. Passports must be valid and up-to-date to hire a car.

Is it worth renting a car in Dubai?

Absolutely. Most people say that traveling by car is the best way to experience all that Dubai has to offer. With a wide range of models to choose from, there is a rental car for everyone, whether for business or pleasure.

How much does it cost to rent a car daily?

Renting a car for the day is typically the cheapest option. However, renting for a week or more results in better value per day overall. Economy cars are priced at $30 per day and above. Higher-end cars typically cost $100 to $500 and above.

Can we rent a car in Dubai without a deposit?

The vast majority of rental companies in Dubai will ask for a deposit. This provides security for the rental company. While some providers may not charge a deposit, this is unusual. In most cases, renters will be asked to provide a security deposit.